22nd Annual Treasure Hunt

– Location: OSYC, Lake Sinclair, – Dates: 15-16 Sept 2012, – Time Skippers meeting 09:30, – Start time: 10:00. All members of OSYC and MGTS are invited. Bring your children, a GPS if you have one, a dinghy/kayak/canoe, and a swim suit. Even a small shovel might be handy. A 3/4G portable internet connection would also help to understand some of the clues. Treasure maps and a list of clues will be given out for each boat. It is a two day event although one day participation is possible. Just let me know if you can make only one day and I will make adjustments for that. There are only 17 prizes so be sure to plan to start with the fleet so you can get a treasure. It is a fun event and not a race. Everyone sails different directions to look for prizes, so fast boats have little advantage.