Fish Fry, June 27

Those that watch the club schedule know the Hartley Fish Fry is scheduled for this weekend. And yes it really is going to happen this coming Saturday! Again apologies for the false alert earlier this month. Come join us for fried fish, french fries, hush puppies, cheese grits, soft drinks and a taste of what everyone brings to the event in the¬†appetizer, side dish and dessert category. Hartley’s need to know by 11:00 am Friday what the count will be so they know how many fish to pack on their way to Milledgeville. You know if they are close to the water like they will be Friday afternoon, there will be a few hooks thrown in the water. If you can’t answer by the cut off time, take a chance that their day of fishing was prosperous and show on up! Gather around 5 and eat around 6. Anyone that could provide a shop fan for our chefs would be greatly appreciated with many cheers!

DATE: 06/27/2015 ( Sat 5:00PM EDT )