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Dock Raising Work Day Report, Jan 28, 2006

We had 12 members present for the work day. We did not get as much done as I expected. (It is not unusual for me to expect that I can do a job is much less time than it actually takes.) We finished about 15 feet of main dock and two finger piers, and pulled nails and stacked the old lumber which is good enough to use for some future project. The finger piers took longer than expected because Bob Horan and Mike Bragg had to do a lot of the work sitting in a jon boat. It took about 4 hours to do the first one. We must have learned a lot because it took only about 2 hours to do the second. The rest of the main dock is going to be a little more complicated. It looks like some of the nails holding the old stringers have pulled loose and some of the cross bracing is missing. We sill need to reattach the old stringers and replace some of the cross bracing before we add the new stringers and deck boards. A special thangs goes to Arlene Mueller who prepared lunch for the gang. [Click here to see photos of progress.->]

Dock Raising Work Party, Jan 28

OSYC Members, especially Slip Holders, Commodore Bill and the Dock Committee has scheduled a dock raising work day for next Saturday, January 28. The committee has met two times to engineer the project and do a proof of concept. About 25 feet of the main dock has been raised. None of the finger peers have been raised but we think we have figured out how to do it. With about 10 volunteers, we think we could get most of the job done in about a half a day. One more work day should complete the project. Tools to bring: -Power circular saws, -Battery powered screw drivers, -1/2 inch drill, -Crow bars, -Measuring tapes, -Misc carpentry tools. We could use one flat bottom jon boat. If you have one you could bring, please let me know. We also need a volunteer to prepare lunch. The usual menu is hot dogs and beans. If you are a slip holder on A dock and have not put your boat in, it would be best if you held off until after the work day. We would like to meet at about 10 AM and knock off about 2:30 OR 3 pm. If you can come, please respond to this email. Also let me know if you have a jon boat you can bring (it doesn’t have to have a motor). Jimmy Harrell -706 484 1405 -404 234 8463 cell

Launching of Calvin’s and Grayson’s new Telstar 28

{{[Launch-day photos of Calvin and Grayson’s new Telstar 28->]}} As you can see from the photos there was quite a contingent on had for the arrival of the “new to them” Telstar trimaran. We were all mesmerized as Calvin sat in the cockpit and turned the winch to raise the mast. The mast is hinged with a variety of rods and pins so that it magically lifts from the traveling crutches and sets itself vertically. Just before it was floated off the trailer, a few of the welcoming committee insisted that they be allowed to christen the boat, even though the Smiths had not settled on a name. They decided to pour a little beer across an amas instead of breaking a champaign bottle since they did not have champaign and didn’t want to waste a whole can of beer. After it was in the water it expanded from a with of 8+ feet to 18 feet wide. It looked sort of like a water spider standing on surface tension. After Calvin and Grayson motored out on the lake they circled back and picked up several of the welcoming committee and we all went for a sail. It sure is fast and a lot different from a monohull. We are anxiously waiting on a decision on the name. Jimmy Harrell Note 11/11/07: Calvin and Grayson have decided to sell the Telstar. [Click Here to See the Ad ->]

New Website Launched

No, your computer hasn’t gone crazy – the OSYC web site has undergone a dramatic change. The new look and feel is the result of a new Content Management software package that makes it somewhat easier to manage the site, and will allow multiple authors to work on different parts of the site at the same time. As with all new software, there are bound to be a few bugs, so let me know if you see anything that doesn’t seem right.

Cool Sailing Videos

from Bill Shaw: -[->] -[->] -[->] -[->] -[-> (after the windsurfing some pretty cool 470-stuff!)] -[->] -[->]

Seawall Workday Report

The December 17 work day was cloudy, wet and cold. About 20 members and one guest came with coats and hats ready for the cold. Spirits were high and before long most were shedding a layer or two. Manning the power auger, shovels and post hole diggers, and carrying rip rap and 80 pound bags of concrete kept the body heat up. When I got there about 8:45, Ronnie Young and a crew were hard at work on the swimming area seawall. Ronnie brought the material needed for the project, including posts, filter fabric, tie back rods, power auger, rod cutter, and his trusty tractor. By the end of the day, the wall was upright and tied back to posts, buried about 6 feet back from the wall, and the fill dirt was behind the wall. Ronnie is going back sometimes this week and finish leveling the dirt after it has dried out. Another crew worked on the ramp. The areas between the new seawall and the ramp were filled with concrete and rip rap was placed underneath the docks and along the ramp. The step next to the ramp used to get up on the dock was also repaired. Another crew worked on the area behind the concrete seawall. The diagnosis was that some water rodent had tunneled behind the wall and a large cavity had washed out. Large rocks were put in the cavity and the dirt was added to fill the void. This may be only a temporary fix and we may need to trap the critter and move him to another area of the lake. Everyone felt good about what was accomplished. Thanks to Arlene for preparing the noon meal and all who came out to help. {Jimmy Harrell}

Lake drawdown workday

{{{Lake Sinclair Drawdown and Workday}}} As planned, Georgia Power has lowered the level of Lake Sinclair about 5 feet below normal. Click on the link below to see photos of the shoreline around the club property. [>] There are several shoreline projects which need to be done while the water lever is low: -# Repair the block seawall near where the barge is usually parked, -# Fill in the areas on each side of the ramp where the new seawall joins, and -# Straighten the old seawall next to the swimming area. -# Reposition some of the smaller rip rap. The board has decided to call for a work day on December 17, 2005 starting about 10 AM and finishing about 3 PM. The usual lunch will be served. This is an hour later start than usual. The board knows that this is short notice but if you can make it please come and get some exercise. Bring tools such as -Hole diggers, -Shovels, -Hoes, -Rakes, -Gloves Prior to the work day, Ronnie Young is going to have a tractor remove the dirt from behind the old seawall so we can straighten it and tie it back. Please reply to if you think you can come to the work day on December 17th.