2024 Cruiser Quest Rules

It is a contest, not a race. The goal is to earn as many points as possible between October 15 of the previous year and October 15 of the current year.

2024 Rules

Complete any of the CRUISES & Skills listed in the Tables of each, keep a log and report them by sending an email to the group (osyc@googlegroups.com)  including, but not limited to, the dates of the cruise and the destination. 

  1. To get destination credit, more than 50% of the distance must be under sail on a round trip from the OSYC buoy and back to the OSYC buoy.
  2. There will be no limits for repeat credits for destinations or skills scores.
  3. Repeat credits for the same cruise or skill must be completed on different days.

Sinclair Challenge

The OSYC Lake Sinclair Challenge

2023 Results

The Lake Sinclair Challenge is a fixed-course, self-timed, long-distance challenge open to any sailing vessel on Lake Sinclair.

DateRaw TimeBoatCrew
9Apr20231:28:46F210Jay Harrell and Tim V.
1Oct20231:34:39F210Jay, Tim, and Sally
14Oct20231:38:35S2 6.7Tim and Jay
21Feb20231:40:59S2 6.7Tim Vacula and Jimmy
26Feb20232:07:36M15Jay Harrell and Tim V.
2023 Sinclair Challenge

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Beginning of Fall Celebration at OSYC

It was a perfect fall day, not too hot and not too cold. Tim did a fantastic job cooking the pork, some of the best I’ve ever had. The side dishes were just as good. Desserts included Mike Wisdom’s homemade ice cream. Many expressed how great it was to be able to get together again and enjoy each others’ company as well as the good food.


2021 Wild Turkey Regatta

This past weekend the club hosted our annual Thistle regatta, dubbed the “Wild Turkey”. (Rumor has it, that was the prize back in the old days)   Despite the truly daunting forecast (i.e. “hot, humid, and no wind”), six boats made the trek down to Lake Sinclair and managed to put in 3 races on Saturday and 2 more on Sunday morning. Yes, the wind was light but it was enough for Thistles and it held a relatively steady direction.  Below are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

June Work day Report

Robert & Jack Dekle, Dave Shultz, Mike Wisdom, Jimmy Harrell, Billy Allen, Tanner Schultz, Mark Sullivan, Tom Poth, Jennifer Blackwell, Dick Mueller, Jim Weadick, Dave & Harriett Morris, Seth & Kate Van Huss, Wayne Stone, Jay Harrell, and member-candidate Michael Conners made for an attendance record-breaking (at least, in our tenure as B&G co-chairs) work day, Saturday.

The lawn areas were all mowed and all of the grounds were trimmed by numerous people; limbs, pine cones and other debris was picked up; the beach was raked, grass was pulled and shoveled up; the former swim dock lines were retrieved for cleanup and eventual replacement; the committee boat was given a maintenance run; the fence at the end of Yacht Club Rd. was straightened as much as possible; ‘E’ dock was patched creatively and cost effectively; the concrete areas below the clubhouse were pressure washed; the clubhouse was cleaned; and an enjoyable lunch was provided for the attendees.

It was an incredible beehive of activity all around the club. Barbara and I cannot thank folks enough for their energy and enthusiasm Saturday. The club continues to look better, and it’s the teamwork of our workday crew that makes the difference.

We will do it again, but owing to the July 4th weekend, the next work day will be one week later than usual: July 10th.  

Barbara and TimBuilding & Grounds co-chairs

Lake Sinclair, Georgia