Sinclair Challenge

The OSYC Lake Sinclair Challenge

2023 Results

The Lake Sinclair Challenge is a fixed-course, self-timed, long-distance challenge open to any sailing vessel on Lake Sinclair.

DateRaw TimeBoatCrew
9Apr20231:28:46F210Jay Harrell and Tim V.
1Oct20231:34:39F210Jay, Tim, and Sally
14Oct20231:38:35S2 6.7Tim and Jay
21Feb20231:40:59S2 6.7Tim Vacula and Jimmy
26Feb20232:07:36M15Jay Harrell and Tim V.
2023 Sinclair Challenge

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During the Dec 2005 drawdown, we took a pontoon boat ride out to survey the shallow spots of the lake. We confirmed that there is indeed enough depth and enough room to pass between Hauck’s Reef and the Narrows Island in our sailboats. So we decided to use Hauck’s Reef as the end-mark for the Sinclair Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule: You pick the time and date. Any time day or night.
  • Eligibility: Anything that is wind powered and legal on Lake Sinclair
  • Rules: Racing Rules of Sailing.  DNR requirements, etc, apply. Sailors assume all risks.

Best times to-date:

7-MAY-20071:13:45Viper 640Harrells
29-MAR 20071:18:30Hunter 260Griffins
16-OCT-20211:23:47VX OneHarrells and Tim Vacula
20-SEPT 20201:24:00Beneteau 210Harrells and Tim Vacula
11-OCT-20081:26:00Catalina 25Phillips
28-OCT-20121:29:00VX OneHarrells
20-SEP-20201:29:56Beneteau 210Griffins
Sinclair Challenge Record Book


  • Start between the No Wake buoy and the E dock at the club.
  • Pass all islands on the river channel side.
  • Pass between Hauck’s Reef and the Narrows Island in either direction. If multiple boats are racing, the boat leaving Hauck’s Reef to port shall have right of way. (Be careful)
  • Finish at the club between the No Wake buoy and the E dock.

Course Length: approximately 9 miles, round trip.

MapMap of Narrows Island->

Prizes: admiration of your fellow sailors, bragging rights, and a nice certificate.

Entry: Send an e-mail or letter to the scorekeeper (Jay.Harrell (at) with the following:

  • Date
  • Start Time – hh:mm:ss
  • Finish Time – hh:mm:ss (or exact elapsed time, to the second please)
  • Wind direction and wind speed (measured or estimated)
  • Boat name and description -*Skipper and Crew Names

Results form Past Years

2022 No entries submitted.

2021 Final results:

DateRaw TimeBoatCrew
16Oct20211:23:47VX OneJay, Jaime, and Tim
20March20211:37:43O’Day 222Seth and Thomas Van Huss
21March20211:37:52Catalina 22Jimmy, Tim, and Jay
9Oct20212:02VX OneJay and Tim
2021 Sinclair Challenge

2020 Final results:

DateRaw TimeBoatCrew
20Sept20201:24:00Beneteau 210Jay and Jimmy Harrell, and Tim Vacula
20Sept20201:29:56Beneteau 210Ken and Jennifer Griffin
19Sept20201:37:30S2 6.7Tim Vacula and Randy Hall
19Sept20201:37:50Beneteau 210Ken and Jennifer Griffin
19Sept20201:38:04Beneteau 210Jay Harrell
19May20201:51:15S2 6.7Tim Vacula and Jimmy Harrell
02Feb20201:53:13O’Day 26Bill and Dave Morris
25Jan20202:03S2 6.7Tim Vacula and Jimmy Harrell
25Jan20202:16O’ Day 26Bill and Dave Morris
2020 Sinclair Challenge

2019 Final Results:

Date Raw Time Boat Crew
05Jan2019 1:59:25 Hunter 260 Ken and Jennifer Griffin
and Bob Fry
05Jan2019 2:05:28 MacGregor 26D Jimmy Harrell
and Tim Vacula
05Jan2019 2:59 Hunter 240 David and Chris Woodburn

2017 Results:

Date Raw Boat Crew
12NOV2016 1:38:30 Mac 26D Jimmy and Jay Harrell, Tim Vacula
27MAY2017 1:48 Windrider 17 Rebekah and Chris Woodburn
27MAY2017 1:48:20 O’Day 26 Bill and Dave Morris, Tim Aupperle
27MAY2017 2:09:30 Hunter 240 David and Max Woodburn
17OCT2017  2:07:30  O’Day 26  Bill, Susan, Martin and Minnie Morris