September member event

Low Country Boil, September 20 after racing.

Taking into consideration attending members thoughts communicated to me, the Shisk Kebab event was a smash hit! In attendance were 40 adults and 5 children (Yes a total of 45–Whoo Hoo). Thank you to Bill Lewis and Ken Griffin for dreaming this one up. Also many thanks to all who chipped in before, during and after for events like this cannot be done without you. Absent members were missed, and our hopes are you will be able to make the next event scheduled for Saturday, September 20th after Fall race #1
Last year Bill and Susan Morris put on a fabulous Low Country Boil for $12.00 a plate. We thought we would have the same this year after Fall race #1. For just $12.00 you will be served up shrimp, potatoes, onion, sausage, and corn all seasoned and boiled to perfection by the Morris’. If you know you will be able to “Get Low” you can respond to this email for I have started the count. You know I don’t get serious until the week before, so you will hear again from me round about September 14th in order to hunker down on the count.
Hoping all to come,
P.S. I would like to take this opportunity to thank member Ashley Hawkins for the eradication of our tree stumps. Go Ashley!