Over-Night Cruise, August 28-29 2004

{{{Over-Night Cruise, August 28-29 2004}}} Five Boats left OSYC Saturday morning about 11 AM with great expectations for a good sail and good fellowship: -Calvin and Grayson Smith -Tommy and Katie Barker -Jimmy and Charlotte Harrell -Bill Shaw -Greg Phillips The wind did not cooperate. Some of us made it to the Narrows before a motor rope was pulled. Two of the boats went between the Island at the Narrows and the shore. Didn’t think it was deep enough. Oh well, it wasn’t long before all the boats except Bill started up the motors and motored the last part of the trip to Goat Island. Greg Phillips turned around about this time and headed home. He had company coming and could not spend the night with the group. The Harrells arrived at Goat Island first to find the pre selected landing site, a sandy beach, was already occupied. We dropped anchor near the beach, a respectable distance from the party already at the beach. Calvin and Grayson came in shortly and did the same. The bottom was muddy and not a very nice place to swim but we made the best of it. Just before the Barkers and Bill Shaw arrived, the party at the sandy beach left and we directed them to a much better landing spot. They were able to step off their boats to a sandy bottom. We swam and cooled off in the water for about an hour. We then retrieved the GPSs and clues to the hidden cache and hiked to the summit of the island. All participated in finding the cache. A few weeks earlier I had taken my grandson to look for the cache and he was disappointed at the “treasures” inside the container. He insisted that I take him back to the island where he left a container filled with treasures that a kid would like to find. So if you have little ones, take them on a treasure hunt and get Cruiser Quest credit for finding the cache. You don’t really have to have or use a GPS but it sure makes it easier to find. The group left Goat Island and arrived at the Harrells place at about 6 PM. Food orders were taken and three of us went to Paradise Barbeque to pick up rib, chicken, and pork plates. We ate our fill and sat around on the Harrells deck swapping tales until about 11 PM. The Barkers went home to sleep in their house bed, as did we. The Smiths and Bill retired to their boats that were tied up at my neighbors dock. Being an early riser, I got up about 6:15 and made coffee. Noticed that the thermometer showed outside temperature of 72 degrees, good sleeping temperature. The Smiths and Bill Shaw didn’t begin stirring around 0800. I made a fresh pot of coffee and Charlotte served cheese toast for breakfast. The Smiths had cold steak they had grilled the night before. Bill and Calvin and Grayson left for OSYC about 1000 and we got ready to go to Atlanta to attend our three year old granddaughter’s birthday party. Before leaving for Atlanta, Charlotte and I went back to back to the club to retrieve my truck. John and Sherry Davis and Howard Gregory were there. Howard had planned to go on the cruise but he was ill on Saturday. The Davises arrived at the club late on Saturday and didn’t get on the water until about 3:30 PM. They sailed in the vicinity of the club and did not make it to Goat Island. The wind was lousy but the fellowship made up for it. It sure was nice sitting on the deck in the cool of the evening and the morning swapping stories with good friends. {Jimmy Harrell}