Trip to Carrabelle, Oct 2004, From: Medra Hartley

{{{Trip to Gulf Coast, Carrabelle}}} {Wednesday, October 6, 2004} Ron and I began our adventure to Carrabelle under partly cloudy skies but with sunny dispositions and high spirits for a unique Gulf experience in our C22. Spooky towed well and we arrived at Carrabelle around 4 PM. We put in at the Moorings and anchored down in the Carrabelle River. Ron gilled filet mingnon and with salad fixings, we had a 4-star meal. We listened to the weather forecast and to our chagrin learned of 5 foot seas inside the sound, winds 15 to 20 with gusts to 25 and in the Gulf, winds 15 to 20, gusting to 25 and 7-9 foot seas with a small craft advisory from the Coast Guard. Ron had provided me with some pills that made me sleep like a baby. He stated the flapping rigging had provided him with a restless night as well as fear of having the anchors slip. Needless to say, I was oblivious! {Thursday, October 7, 2004} We awoke to a beautiful sunrise with wind gusts beyond belief, with the boat riding well below the waterline due to my “pack-rat”. (You know what I mean…, a ton and a half more packed than was needed.) With only a 4.5 HP kicker we decided that venturing from our present mooring was risky at best and Apalachicola was as far as the moon with the windy weather conditions. We decided to remain in our present position and to make the best of our fall adventure, cool breezes, clear skies, and Jimmy Buffet. My chef rustled up a unique breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, fruit and navy coffee. As we sat in the cockpit around our cockpit table sipping our coffee, we read about the North Gulf Coast C22 Cruise around Mother’s day each year and dreamed of this sail and a larger boat. I’m sure my “Pack-rat needs more packing challenges! Since we were unable to venture into the Gulf, we planned how to make our galley kitchen and packing more efficient (did I mention that our fresh water holding tank leaked? All six gallons of water had to be dumped overboard). We were beginning to wonder whether this fall excursion was jinxed but as my cup is half full, we decided to enjoy the sunny day moored in the Carrabelle River. We both needed the R&R. Ron wet a line and I read with Jimmy Buffet as company as Spooky rocked around with flapping rigging. We were at peace for a small time. We made plans to economize our boat, as we were not ready to return home. We decided to eat lunch in the cockpit and then pull anchor. At shore we rinsed off Spooky and the trailer, secured the boat and checked into the Moorings to stay the night and try some of Julia Mae’s seafood. We had a great time in spite of not putting up a sail.